Sata Tells off Chipimo Jr

Michael_Sata-350x246President Michael Sata has told opposition NAREP leader Elias Chipimo Jr that lies or deceit will not help Zambians.

Reacting to a media briefing in which Chipimo Jr said Zambia was going in the wrong direction under President Sata, the Head of State says Chipimo Jr’s utterances were part of wayward accusations aimed at exciting the media.

President Sata’s spokesperson George Chellah issued the statement published below


LUSAKA, Friday, January 11, 2013 – STATE HOUSE. The wild allegations coming from Narep president Mr. Elias Chipimo junior regarding the performance of the PF in Government are not only exaggerated, but they also completely disregard the basic realities on the ground.

It will be helpful to Government if Mr. Chipimo raised tangible facts and substantiated his claims. Mr. Chipimo must bluntly tell the nation if he desires a situation where politicians get away with crimes and corruption all in the name of tolerance of divergent views.

Furthermore, he must pinpoint where the PF Government has failed, and provide alternative grounded options rather than spend time in a day-dreaming or theoretical session about what he wishes to happen. Failure to appreciate the practical and fundamental realities of governance will constantly make Mr. Chipimo appear as though he is occupying a parallel universe somewhere.

We are cognizant of the fact that opposition political parties are an essential constituent in every democratic system except a modicum of civility and sincerity in their engagements with the Government is what Mr. Chipimo and the Zambia opposition in general is currently lacking.

Let them realize that there is always a creative, truthful and moderate side to every argument no matter the scale of the subject matter. Lies, deceit, incitement and wayward utterances can only excite the media without providing concrete solutions to the needs of our people.

Our advice to them is to invest in sober and resourceful forms of engagement with the Government because this administration stands ready to dialogue with all well-meaning citizens on matters affecting the country. Let them project themselves as real and mature alternatives in the governance of the country.

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  1. Tonny Webber

    This response is as useless an the person who wrote it. Chipimo is the best for Zambia. We thank what our elderly politicians have done. But they are living in kuku land. Let young people rule!!!

    • Chama

      Oh God 4giv me 4pasing thru paperlink whr fools lingr. Only idiots agree on here.

  2. dorothy

    where is sata to speak 4himself, we are tired of being addressed by this guy- whom zambians never elected. hold a press comference and let journalists ask you questions. what are you afraid of

  3. CNP-4U

    the young man Chipimo is right..we need change..

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