Murder Victim, Hambulo, Interred

The family of slain Hatambu Hambulo says the horrendous murders that are taking place in the country must be stopped.

Hatambu, 26, was murdered early this week and her body was found dumped in a septic tank with her arms and legs tied near her house in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill.

Her uncle, Chris Hambote, said the murders have to be stopped.

Hambote was speaking in Lusaka yesterday during a requiem service for Ms. Hambulo held at Miracle Life Family Church in Lusaka.

Hambote said Zambians must start searching for answers as to why gruesome murders are on the increase as Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu called on police to “prevent” the murders rather than “investigating” the aftermath.

Hambote said the answers are not with the police or government but in people’s hearts.

Hambote said the murders could be a backlash of a spiritual issue.

“As a family, we are shocked with this sheer brutality to our daughter,” said Hambote.

He said there is need to stop the spilling of blood by criminals in the country.

Hambote commended police for their quick action to arrest suspects in the murder.

He described the two female police officers who apprehended the first suspect as heroines.

“The police officers that evening divinely arrested the suspect on a traffic offence and insisted that he goes to the police station, and you want to blame the President for appointing women to positions of authority?” Hambote wondered.

Hambote, however, said the family has forgiven the murderers.

“We have forgiven these criminals but justice must prevail,” he said.

And friends and relatives of Ms Hambulo have described her as a sincere and responsible person.

Hundreds of people turned up at the requiem mass for Ms Hambulo, who was buried at Leopards Hill Memorial Park.

Hambulo was a step-daughter of Forum for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi.

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda attended the church service.

Other notable people who attended the mass included former First Lady Vera Chiluba, clerk of the National Assembly Doris Mwinga, Sherry Thole, musician Sister D and many others.

Her workmate, Duduzile Nachula of the Food Reserve Agency, described Ms Hambulo as a responsible and honest person.

“Tambu was sweet and sincere. She was always cheerful and responsible,” Ms Nachula said.

Pastor Walker Shcuz said the church has been robbed of a vibrant and responsible young woman.

Pastor Shcuz said Ms Hambulo did not deserve to die the way she did.

“We are filled with a sense of hopelessness because we have been robbed of a brilliant young lady. However, she is with the Lord now,” he said.

Source: Zambia Daily Mail

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