UPND Finds Mpongwe, Livingstone By-Election Candidates

The United Party for National Development (UPND) says it has identified candidates for the forthcoming by-elections for Mpongwe and Livingstone Seats which fell vacant following the resignation of the area members of parliament.

UPND vice president for administration Richard Kapita has told QFM news in an interview that the party has managed to find candidates that will give other political opponents a good run.

Kapita could however not name the candidates that the UPND will field in the two by-elections.

He however added that the UPND will ensure that it retains Livingstone seat adding that the party also has good chances of scooping the Mpongwe seat.

Kapita noted that Livingstone is a stronghold for the UPND adding that there are not campaign tactics that ruling party will use to be able to grab the seat.

Source: Qfm


  1. dorothy

    well done

  2. dorothy

    Its like not all are like ukwa who secretly and at night while acting together with his uncle gave themselves more than 100% pay rise twice in a year while our farmers are not paid and majority Zambians live in abject poverty and live miserable lives- Kibaki and joyce Banda, well done, God remember you. NOTE: FAILED to SEND UNDER ZWD- shushus are blocking

  3. Michael C Mumembe

    The campaign tactic that PF is going to use is rigging and corruption. It’s the only tactic which can workout for PF. It worked in Mufumbwe. Some rigging tactics have already been exposed by some online newspapers, and corruption will mainly be the distribution of free mealie meal and cash handouts which PF will divert from the tax payers’ money.

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