Andeleki Files Application to Run as PF Candidate

The former Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki has applied to the ruling party’s Central Committee to have him adopted as candidate for the forthcoming Livingstone parliamentary by-election.

Sources in the PF say Andeleki, famous for his controversial attempt to force the de-registeration of the former ruling party MMD, is topping the list of eight other applicants.

The sources said former Southern Province permanent secretary Gladys Kristafor, Alvin Sindowe, John Mwamulima, Liven Apuleni, Lawrence Evans, Collins Mwanamwale, and Zhondwayo Soko have also made it on the short list.

He (Andeleki is the likely candidate that we, as central committee will recommend, but there are 10 other people interested. So far we have received applications from 9 people,” the sources said.

Livingstone resident will for the second time in a year chose a new member of parliament for Zambia’s tourist capital on February 28, 2013.

This follows the resignation of UPND MP Rev. Howard Sikwela who was elected via an election petition resultant by-election.

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