General Masheke Demands Finality to Constitution Date

Former Prime Minister General Malimba Masheke says the June 2013 deadline for the constitution making process should be final.

Gen Masheke was quoted this morning by Radio Phoenix that the PF government should not extend the deadline for constitution making.

He said the continued delay in finalising the constitution was costing the country billions of money and there must have a finality to it.

Gen Masheke has warned that failure to finalise the constitution will throw the PF governance system into disarray.

President Michael Sata promised to give Zambians a new constitution within 90 days of assuming power. However, the 90 days promise has proved to a deceitful way of wooing voters.

It is now 15 months since President Sata was elected but the country is still struggling to come up with the new constitution. New justice minister Wynter Kabimba had recently promised that June 2013 should be the deadline for the new constitution.

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