Boxing Authority Suspends ‘Star’ Promoter

Esther PhiriThe Zambia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Board of Control has suspended boxing trainer Anthony Mwamba for three months for bringing the organization into disrepute.

Mwamba is the brain behind Zambia’s female boxing heroine Esther Phiri who won close to a dozen belt in a five year career that was marred with some controversial decision and questionable belts.

Board secretary general Ben Saili announced that Mwambda has been suspended for 90 days after violating their constitution.

He alleged that Mwamba has been operating without a licence and that his suspension means that he will not renew his licence for the next three months.

Saili said anyone under Mwamba’s Boxing Stable should seek temporal trainers for three months when the suspension will expire.

Esther, who is on Mwamba’s stables, is not expected to fight in the next three months and may not be affected by the development.

The female boxer recently announced she was taking a break to concentrate on her love life presumably with “big” businessman-cum-politician Willie Nsanda.


  1. CNP-4U

    do you still suck him..?whne are you marrying again..with WN..jerabo..?


    Given the fact that we have not seen authenticated copies of your journalistic qualifications we are not in a position to say whether they are “QUESTIONABLE” or not.
    Esther Phiri’s story is a true rags to riches tale about a woman who took the road less travelled and made something of herself. And all the while Anthony Mwamba was there guiding and helping her. Its only people with a ” IF AM IN THE GUTTER, SO MUST EVERYONE BE” who would in any way doubt the credibility of Esthers achievements. Mr Adamu would your sisters do the same, if faced with the sames challenges she faced or would they would they line up the streets to offer their bodies?

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