Death Roll Victims Protest

Prisoners waiting death at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe are so fade up with life and now petitioned Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu to face the hangman.

The over 300 prisoners have petitioned government pleading to be executed instead of kept in suspense on their fate.

The prisoners are tired of living under the shadow of death in a congested prison.
Lungu said he has received the petition from prisoners who have asked him to send an executioner for them to face the noose.

“We appreciate what our condemned prisoners go through. Our role is simply to look after them until the president signs a warrant of execution,” he said.

Meanwhile, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia executive director Rev Pukuta Mwanza said if government is delaying to implement the law regarding death sentence, they need to inform their prisoners of their fate.

Rev Mwanza said it could be prudent to transfer the execution powers from the president to an independent body that would be able to make a collective decision and decide whether to effect an execution or not.

Caritas Zambia representative Eugene Kabeleka also said if government does not want to implement the law on death penalty, they should adopt alternative means of punishment instead of leaving people in a state of anxiety for the rest of their lives.

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  1. The Instigator

    The death penalty should stay.I support the idea of establishing a committee of ruthless officials that should be able to collectively append their signatures for the gallows to move into action instead of letting a president to do that.

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