Ex-Information PS Arrested

Chanda Chimba III at woodlands policeFormer information permanent secretary Prof. Sam Phiri has been arrested in connection with freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III’s documentaries that were critical of President Michael Sata in the run up to the 2011 polls.

Prof Phiri was arrested this morning and is being held at Woodlands Police Station in Lusaka.

The Police say Prof Phiri will only be released if he meets all requirements for a police bond.

According to the joint wing on government investigation, otherwise known as the Taskforce, Prof Phiri is charged jointly with former minister Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha for allegedly issuing instructions to ZNBC to air Chanda Chimba III’s documentaries.

Lt Gen Shikapwasha was arrested last week together with Chimba, former Zambia Daily Mail deputy managing editor Davis Mataka and media consultant Ngande Mwanjiti.

Prof Phiri, Chimba and Shikapwasha will appear in court tomorrow.

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