Masebo in Land Wrangle

MaseboTourism and Arts minister is embroiled in a land wrangle in Chongwe unleashed police officers to evict innocent residents in Kampasa area.

The residents tried to protest against Masebo by raising the matter to the attention of President Michael Sata but Masebo swiftly sent armed police officers to block them.

The furious residents complained why an area Member of Parliament can be so heartless to consign over 1,600 families to homeless citizens.

They noted there is reliable information Masebo had sold the land to Galun, who operate the Meanwood Estate Development Agency.

But Masebo described the people who voted her into office as lawless citizens and that she would not tolerate their behavior.


  1. hakaibotela hayeka


  2. judgement day

    Very sad development. I do know there is a God somewhere and that we do not all live forever here on earth, we are just passers by!!!!!

  3. Chanda Chimba IV

    Number one, you are spot on. In fact you should have capitalized

  4. Michael C Mumembe

    Masebo is digging her own grave. So many contentious issues against her. Can someone advise the lady to slow down? Even the people who voted for her are now bitter with her. Cool down lady!

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