MMD Is Now Incapacitated, Says Dr Ng’oma

Political Analyst Alex Ng’oma has charged that the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) is incapacitated and unable to give proper checks and balances to the ruling PF.

Dr. Ng’oma said the current squabbles in the former ruling party have diverted the energies of the MMD membership towards the infighting among senior members instead of providing effective checks and balances to the Patriotic Front government.

He told Qfm radio however, that the MMD remains a factor in the country’s political system and has since urged its leadership to quickly resolve outstanding issues and strengthen the party.
The MMD is currently undergoing a period of turbulence with senior members divided on many issues which include the legality of party president Nevers Mumba.


One Response to “MMD Is Now Incapacitated, Says Dr Ng’oma”

  1. Mphangwe

    Dr. Alex Ngoma in his capacity as a PF-employed political spoiler is merely revealing his true repltilian colours. Students of political science must consider Ngoma’s comments as being loaded with insults and disdain (scorn) for the MMD. The PF is supplementing his income.

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