Namulambe was Running Broke, says MMD Youth

MMD die-hard youth wing leader Bowman Lusambo has alleged that the reason Gabriel Namulambe quit the party was because he was running broke to an extent of failing to buy fuel for his vehicle.

Lusambo was addressing a press briefing this morning at which he advised Namulambe to stop attacking the leadership of MMD.

Namulambe’s resignation has cause a by-election in Mpongwe set for February 28. The former works minister was facing corruption charges. He was also chairperson for elections in MMD.

Lusambo said there was no way a man who could fail to buy fuel for his car would today deride the integrity of the MMD leadership under Nevers Mumba.

He says the people of Mpongwe were now aware of the caliber of leadership in Namulambe and will not vote for him in the upcoming by-election.

Lusambo has also cautioned suspended MMD women’s chairperson Catherine Namugala to stop attacking Dr Mumba.

He said the MMD youth wing will embarrass Namugala if she continues disrespecting Dr Mumba’s leadership.

Lusambo says the youth wing was aware that Namugala was working with sympathizers of Felix Mutati, who close the battle for MMD president to Dr Mumba, to destabilize the party.

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  1. Shikapawasha

    Namulambe is a fraud and a criminal – there is heaps of evidence

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