Government Seeks to Limit English in Schools

children-school-zambiaThe Patriotic Front (PF) government seeking to limit the use of the English language in public schools, says Justice minister Wynter Kabimba.

Speaking on a Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation programme today, Kabimba said this was in line with the PF manifesto.

He said it was wrong to see local languages die while inhibiting the intelligence potential of the citizens.

“Zambian local languages are dying, we may not realize it now but that is the truth of the matter. Many of us at our homes today, use English as a medium of communication, even if we don’t speak it well. That is what we have taught our children. But this is a colonial hangover, it’s perceived as a sign of affluence. When your child speaks English then you are an affluent family but we don’t realize that what we are doing at the national level and for the future of our children is killing our vernacular languages.

He said the government is determined to review the current learning syllabus to allow the extended use of the New Break Through to Literacy (NBTL) teaching method.

Recently the minister of Education Dr John Phiri announced that government schools will adopt the use of vernacular languages for teaching all subjects including Mathematics and Sciences in lower basic schools.


  1. The Instigator

    The assertion about local languages dying is old talk.It’s not true that most families in Zambia operate in english .Just take a walk in any zambian town’s main street and you will be happy to note that our languages dominate.There is no African country where local languages have gone into disuse due the influence of english or french.That will never happen.

  2. Polio Chanda

    What the minister is advocating for is WHAT is a hung over from the colonial days. This kind of reasoning is retrogressive.

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