Police Seal-Off Hichilema’s Residence

hakainde-hichilema-may-zambia-reportsPolice in Lusaka have sealed off opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s residence in the Kabulonga suburb.

The PF police force arrived at Hichilema’s residence this morning to effect an arrest on allegations of insulting President Michael Sata.

On Tuesday, the police attempted to arrest Hichilema at the Lusaka magistrate court but were unsuccessful.

Magistrate Joshua Banda described the police action at the court contemptuous and roundly condemned it before adjourning the matter on request from the defence team.

Hichilema is already facing a charge of causing the publication of false information with intent to cause alarm. It is the same case he was appearing in court.

On the latest charges, he is believed to have toured Garden and Kalikiliki townships without a police permit in what is becoming the PF’s strategy to silence opposition political party leaders and their supporters.

Hichilema, during the same tour of the townships, is alleged to have also used derogatory remarks against President Sata.

Another opposition leader Nevers Mumba of the MMD is being arraigned for unlawful assembly and issuing false statements likely to cause alarm. President Sata’s police has been condemned by civil society, opposition and private citizens who view the crackdown on political leaders and their supporters as an affront to democracy.


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