Sakeni Denies Mpongwe Vote-Buying

Chief government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni has dismissed UPND assertions that the PF is conducting vote buying in Mpongwe ahead of the parliamentary by-elections.

Sakeni said the vote buying accusations are absurd and irresponsible. He said the accusations are meant to cause violence and create disorder during a by-election.

UPND national secretary Winston Chibwe yesterday accused PF of conducting vote buying in Mpongwe and that they have a list of residents that have sold voters cards to the ruling party.

But Sakeni said government will not allow anyone to disregard the law and that the law enforcement agencies will be working around the clock to maintain law and order in the forthcoming by-elections.

He urged UPND to allow Mpongwe electorates to exercise their democratic rights to vote for the candidate of their choice in a peaceful and quite atmosphere.

Sakeni told UPND to provide evidence of any vote-buying in Mpongwe. Mpongwe will go to the polls on February 28 to elect a representative following the resignation of Gabriel Namulambe who crossed over to the ruling part and will be re-contesting the seat. The MMD have adopted Miniver Mutesa to contest the election.

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