Shamenda Wants Viable Napsa

Labour minister Fackson Shamenda has urged NAPSA to make socially viable investments.

Shamenda said this when he inaugurated the NAPSA board. He said NAPSA should be more insightful and strive to make good investment decisions that would contribute positively to the organization.

“There have been wrong investment decisions made in the past. Examples are many. In Limbuyu Farms, NAPSA invested, in Zambian Lotto, NAPSA invested, in Meanwood transactions were you could easily get free land since you are a government institution and millions of dollars were spent. I would therefore urge you to consider socially viable investments such as low cost housing,” he said.

Shamenda urged the board to ensure that they meet the expectations of people as they seek to attain the institution’s goals and objectives.

He urged the board to apply the principles of professionalism, objectivity, transparency, loyalty to the country, social justice and service to the people.

Board chairperson Joseph Chakolwa assured that the members were ready for the assignment tasked ahead.

Chakolwa said they had a mammoth task and challenges ahead requiring them not to take the task lightly.

“We are ready to bring the different capacities and skills in achieving the objectives of NAPSA,” he said.

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