Somalis Clobber Ndola Taxi Driver

A taxi driver in Ndola who refused to accept a bribe from a Somali national who killed his domestic worker has been beaten by Somalians.

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge confirmed the incident where the Somalians attacked Stephen Chongo last night and beat him up. Musenge has appealed to the police to investigate the attack on the taxi driver and take the culprits to book.

He has since warned that Somalians living in Zambia should not take the comfort and peace they are enjoying for granted.

“The gentlemen who actually apprehended the Somalian that killed an employee was assaulted by two Somalians.

“Yesterday he actually called me and confirmed that he was attacked by two Somalians. That was after appearing on television when the Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) even awarded him for his bravery to turn down a bribe from a Somalian who killed his worker. Now this is a matter which is being investigated by the police, he has reported to the police and he has not been given the position yet,” Musenge said.

Chongo’s decision to turn down a bribe impressed some government officials and the ZFE rewarded him with K3.5 million.


  1. CNP-4U

    deport all those maggots!!

    • chellios.ohashy

      am really disappointed in the way you illiterate scumbags are taking this issue,this is media propaganda,and u cant drive the somalis from zed,not even sata can do tht,

  2. Mokomoko

    Can we cage these idiots before they bring Al-shebaab to our lovely country.Somalians should come and torment us in our own country honestly!This is unacceptable!

  3. Fyonse fyabo.

    Waaaa! Do we have men left in “the friendly city”, the Chinese and now the Somalians? Zambia being raped apart by foreigners….WE’RE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.

  4. Peace Lover

    I am a frequent visitor of Ndola, Zambia and I was there in Ndola when the riots happened. I was shocked to see a whole city explored and attack any Somali they came across. It was a sad incident that an innocent employee got killed but that does not justify attacking another innocent person, two wrongs does not make a right. We are in global village where anything that happens around the globe is read or watched and I suspect someone is trying to gain popularity and it is not fair to exaggerate isolated incident. The minister should allow the police to do thorough investigation before going to the media. The whole world welcome investors, but what I saw in Zambia was luck of understanding of what the country will benefit from them. You can live in developed countries as an investor with respect and no one will discriminate against you just because of whom you are or some one of your ethnicity crime. We have criminals everywhere that is why we have jails and criminals have no borders or nationality. Zambians should judge foreigners based on their individual action.

  5. patrick

    shud we stop driving tax`s?the gment shud do something.

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