Hichilema Meets PF Minister over POA

hakainde-hichilema-upnd-zambia-reportsUPND president Hakainde Hichilema has held a private meeting with Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu to discuss the enforcement of the Public Order Act among other issues.

Hichilema was accompanied by party officials among them, secretary general Winston Chibwe, Cornelius Mweetwa and Edwin Lifwekelo.

The meeting lasted for over an hour and Hichilema gave an optimistic view that government will consider the issues that were discussed favourable.

He said it is surprising that the PF were holding meetings all over the country while the opposition was being denied the right to assemble.

Hichilema said it is strange that the opposition members of parliament who were visiting their constituencies were being arrested for meeting their electorates.

He said this is a sad development that has never happened in the history of Zambia.

He said they discussed the public order act and many challenges where government is stifling the rights of its citizens. He hoped that government will allow the police to operate professionally unlike the partisan stance they taken since the PF government came into power.

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