Lubinda Calls for Calm

given-lubinda1Kabwata PF member of parliament Given Lubinda says it is immature to call for his resignation when his case is pending before the party’s supreme body.

Lubinda, the foreign affairs minister, said the case of his alleged treacherous behavior was awaiting determination by the Central Committee describing as immature calls for his resignation.

He said people should wait for the Central Committee to make a decision within the party structures that have been put in place.

Lubinda said he has chosen to be silent on the allegation leveled against him as he waits for a decision to be made by the party’s Central Committee as he does not intend to prejudice the internal party disciplinary procedures.

“I will not comment publicly on this issue and will only wait for a decision to be made by the Central Committee,” he said.

“This is an internal matter and I have said before that I am a custodian of my good morals and for me as my brother’s keeper, I must keep my brother’s morals. So whoever will say anything about me, the people will judge them.”

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba has launched a relentless campaign to hound Lubinda out of the party because of assertion the Kabwata lawmaker will challenge the presidency in case President Sata does not contest the 2016 elections on medical grounds.


  1. pf

    Lubinda very mature

  2. Chikwanda

    baume abena Given

  3. PF

    resign do not wait to be chased!

  4. Mweene musulwe

    Mr Lubunda you are so couragous, stand your mind and your heart sir

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