Musicians’ Boss Angers Malupenga

amos-malupenga-zambia-reportsZambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) chairperson Michael Zulu has angered information permanent secretary Amos Malupenga when he absconded at the launch of the hologram designed to be used for combating piracy.

Malupenga, who seemed to have readied himself to publicly carpet Zulu in the presence of other musicians and stakeholders at a breakfast meeting, was disappointed to note that Zulu was not present.

He said he had heard Zulu criticising government’s decision to procure a hologram and that he wanted to personally hear Zulu’s concern over the issue but was disappointed that he was absent.

But Zulu said the organisers of the launch gave him short notice for the breakfast meeting and that he could not fly from Kabwata to Pamodzi Hotel since there was traffic jam.

He advised that the organisers to give sufficient notice for such events for him to attend.

The hologram was designed at the cost of K900 million and it has security features meant to prevent piracy.

It is displayed on audio and video to prevent piracy by differentiating the original from fake ones.

Malupenga said he will soon be leading stakeholders to Kenya and Malawi to learn how holograms worked to prevent piracy.


  1. Seed Inspector

    How do you acquire something without knowing how it works????????????????????????????????

  2. CNP-4U

    hahaha..well done Maiko..this big headed chap thinks he knows it all..hahahaa

  3. ket


  4. Full Proof

    …and surely an hologram will not prevent piracy. The problem is one of policy and morals.

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