Fake Condoms in Zambia Cause Worry

Youth activists in Zambia are worried that fake condoms are allowed to sell to unsuspecting people.

The youth activists say there is a danger that Zambians are being exposed to diseases by the fake condoms instead of using the product as a preventive measure.

Recently, fake condoms were confiscated by the Zambia police from the market weeks after counterfeit sanitary female pads were also withdrawn.

Edford Mutuma, The Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia, executive director says authorities should take serious measure to avoid the proliferation of fake condoms in Zambia.

Mutuma said the counterfeit condoms were a hinderance to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

His counterpart Amos Mwale of the Youth Vision said it was worrying that people could be exposed to counterfeit condom.

He said perpetrators should be brought to book because they will frustrate the efforts of those trying to fight various diseases.

CYCORP, a firm that specializes in issues of intellectual property, has disclosed that majority of condoms sold on the Zambian market are fake.

Kingsley Nkonde, the CYCORP managing director, says it is sad that most of the popular brands in Zambia counterfeited ones.

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