Masebo Appoints Kabimba to ZAWA Board

slyvia-masebo-zawa-zambia-reportsTourism minister Sylvia Masebo has appointed Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board.

Masebo announced the board in Lusaka this morning. This follows the disollution of the previous board on account of alleged corrupt practices.

The new board is being headed by former Zambia National Farmers Union president Guy Robinson with Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Charity Mwansa and Ministry of Finance economist Tasiya Kazembe.

Others members are Chieftainess Mwape of Petauke district, senior Chief Inyamboa Yeta of Sesheke, Yonas Mitta, Anita Balleti, former Tourism Council of Zambia chairman Timothy Mushibwe and Patrotic Front (PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

Speaking during the announcement of the board, Masebo said Wynter Kabimba had been included to the board in order to influence the PF vision in ZAWA.  She said Kabimba was lawyer in wildlife policy and law.

PF sources have disclosed that Kabimba, a former town clerk of Lusaka who worked closely with Masebo when she was deputy mayor for the capital city, has long been in private hunting business.

Kabimba is also PF secretary general and sits on the Zamtel board.

Masebo said Robinson will chair the board whose immediate task is to re-organise the ZAWA management where she fired top managers for alleged corrupt activities.

The Chongwe lawmaker also cancelled the tender process by the fired management prompting an attempt by former communications minister in the Chiluba administration William Harrintone to call for a tribunal.


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