Munkombwe Joins PF, Backs Livingstone Candidate

Veteran politician Daniel Munkombwe says he is now paddling the boat with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Munkombwe who served as a Southern Province minister in the MMD government told ZANIS that he would soon embark on a vigorous campaign for the candidate that the ruling party will announce ahead of the Livingstone central parliamentary by-elections slated for February 28.

Munkombwe said PF was the only party with democratic principles and values.

He said he decided to throw himself into “the game” and assist the ruling Patriotic Front because other parties had nothing to offer.

“I am readily available to embark on a serious election campaign for PF because am already paddling in the boat with the Patriotic Front,” Munkombwe said.

He said he was merely playing a citizenry role of practicing democracy by choosing the political party to support.

The PF has shown hesitation to embrace Munkombwe’s support.

On Wednesday, Media and Publicity director for the ruling Patriotic Front Chanda Mfula said that the PF would wait for official communication from Munkombwe regarding the role he wished to play in his support to the party in the said by-election.


  1. magobbo

    Politics of the belly at its play.CNP,finished man.Unfortunatly,Southerners can not be cheated or bought for a piece of chitenge.He did the same in MMD.Did he manage?Empty time,”Chelele bula bwamukola bwiilili mukambile da”(Grazing for his stomach only)

    • Reak

      Remember that Munkombwe plays politics of BENEFITS.When he says that the opposition has nothing to offer,he merely means that he will get no immediate benefits.This is the reason he attaches himself to the Party in power.He does not support it but merely attaches himself to it.PF should be careful with this type of character.

  2. Chanda Chimba IV

    This is exactly what happens when you work and play all your life and don’t go to school and don’t invest. Just go ask for a job and stop embarrassing yourself. Ati democratic principles and values?? Which ones? Bwana ask Given Lubinda who lives with this crocodiles in the same river. Careful……I’ll do an article on you if you aren’t careful. It runs in the family as we have all the facts

  3. CNP-4U

    useless old man..who needs your support ..?just help them lose..retire form politics now..ncehelebula

  4. Iyeee...

    This old man has no shame it’s unbelievable.Even if its sebana wikute.Awe!

  5. Chris

    Munkombwe is the second funniest comedian Zambia has ever produced on the political arena.Just look at him with his teenage glasses when he is yapping. You see nothing but an insatiate glutton that preys on the greeniest grass.

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