UPND Endorse Mapatizya Formula

upnd-lusaka-zambia-reportsThe PF is worried at the UPND threats of enforcing the Mapatizya Formula in the Mpongwe and Livingstone by-elections.

But UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said UPND will enforce the Mapatizya Formula as and when it is needed.

PF director of information Chanda Mfula has expressed worry at the enforcement of the Mapatizya Formula saying it could create violence.

Mfula said Zambian people are convinced that the Mapatizya Formula is based on physical violence and the promotion of political intolerance.

He said the Mapatizya Formula is meant to disregard the law and allow cadres to take the law in their own hands.

Mfula warned UPND not to threaten the peace and put lives of people in danger.

However, Mweetwa said the Mapatizya Formula is not a violent campaign but an internal mechanism that demands accountability during elections.

Mweetwa said PF has deliberately misunderstood and misinterpreted the Mapatizya Formula to create anxiety among electorates.

“The Mapatizya Formula is an election management strategy which fosters transparency in the way the whole election process is conducted. It allows the people’s will through the ballot to be respected and it is not something that should be painted in a negative way. It promotes transparency and we are going to enforce Mapatizya Formula as and when it is required,” he said.


  1. CNP-4U

    lets go for it ..its the only way forward..Mapatizya formular..

    • Reak

      All Government vehicles bearing temporal private numbers should this time around be confiscated once found being misused during the election campaigns both in Livingstone and Mpongwe.On this strategy,both MMD and UPND NEED WORK TOGETHER.

  2. Aka Slap- Chanda

    UPND ifyamumatakofye mafyoto formular ifinshi

  3. Boss

    That’s the best formular well done

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