UPND Regrets Assault on Police Officer

Police OfficerThe opposition UPND has regretted the violence that characterised Woodlands Police Station when party president Hakainde Hichilema was arrested for alleged defamation of President Michael Sata yesterday.

UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said the UPND does not condone any form of violence and distanced the party from the assault on Zambia Police constable Adam Banda.

Mweetwa said the person who allegedly assaulted the police was not a member of the UPND.

He said the perpetrator took advantage of what happened at the police station to try and turnish the image of the part.

“We have written to the IG [Stella Libongani] to clarify on the occassion of the officer being stoned. As a party we respect the rule of law and condemn such violence by any person against our men and women in uniform,” Mweetwa said.

He said at no time has the UPND supported any form of violence on anyone, including police officers.

Meanwhile, the Zambian government has banned the escort of political figures to police stations when summoned.

Home affairs minister Edgar Lungu announced the ban following the violence at Woodlands Police in Lusaka yesterday.

In a statement, Lungu described the behaviour of alleged UPND cadres as thuggery and ordered the police to investigate the incident and bring those behind the violence to book. He said the assault of an officer was regrettable and made sad reading.


  1. pwifi


  2. CNP-4U

    they did him good..why was he trying to fight the cadres..?

  3. Majaliwa

    Icilulo ba upnd, twalimishiba muli mimbulu yakutakanya, ngoko tungamipelela icalo kuti cabashani? mukakotela muli bu opposition na mukonaula party ya kwa Mazoka MHSRIP. Muli ma makubi ayatumpa sana.

  4. Majaliwa

    stonecold, twalimishiba tamusumina.

  5. Mphangwe

    UPND has demonstrated that the Party is led by descent civilised gentlemen and ladies by publicly expressing sorrow to a person whom they genuinely believed was an injured Police Officer. Apparently it has now been revealed that the injured person was actually a PF cadre detailed to cause commotion when HH was being arrested. The Police Service should now account for their partisan roles in the administration of the Law in this country.

    However. this is a Message to Mr. Adam Banda: By this time he should have learnt a lesson from the harvest Sebastian Zulu, Lucas Phiri, Mangani Phiri and lately Given Lubinda are reaping from their association with a Bemba-dominated PF system. A song in the book titled: “NTHONDO” goes as follows:

    Bambo Adam Banda could have died over issues that had nothing to do with his genetically related family, BUT issues that have been designed to benefit Sata’s family tree and the inner circle. We are beginning to appreciate the meaning of DONCHI KUBEBA.

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