10 Police Officers on Parade Collapse

About 10 police officers fainted at a parade in Lilayi Training College when Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani was honouring some senior officers for distinguished service.

The officers could not withstand the surging heat and started falling to the ground in the presence of curious onlookers and senior commanders including home affairs minister Edgar Lungu.

Police training has a larger component of police physical training and this is meant to maintain their fit shape during the conduct of their work.

Among those that were awarded was Dr Solomon Jere who is first police officer to become a doctor, Lusaka Province Commissioner Joyce Kasosa for establishing a UN desk, Southern Province Commissioner Charity Katanga as the first woman police officer to be admitted to the bar of the High Court and Brenda Muntemba for her role in enhancing the visibility of the Police Service when she served as spokesperson.


  1. only mugabe comes to visit

    Solomon Jere didnot become a doctor but is the first buju to obtain a PHD

  2. CNP-4U

    well done ..why and how do you spend all the time in the heat..!they should have died whilst on parade..Brendah Muntemba deserves it..

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