Resident Doctors Cry Foul After a Beating

Resident Doctors Association (RDA) have complained of doctor’s harassment by politicians and members of the public.

RDA representative Dr Aaron Mwenenjaki was reacting to an incident at the University Teaching Hospital where a medical doctor was beaten at the pediatrics’ ward by a patient that took his child for treatment.

The man beat up Dr Kozya Zyambo when the doctor decided to attend to a patient who was critically ill instead of the assailant’s child.

Dr Mwenenjaki observed that it has become a common practice for our members of public including politicians to harass doctors

“As RDA, we take very strong exception to this. We are very saddened by this development and as a result of this; we would like to appeal to the government and the public in general to make sure that they provide a safe working environment for our doctors.

“We strongly condemn the action that the client took to beating a doctor who was on duty attending to very sick people,” he said.

Health workers have often been beaten by relatives to patients whenever they suspect delay in attending to their relatives.

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