Rifts in PF over Mpongwe Candidate

Namulambe-on-ConventionAs the by-elections in Mpongwe draw nearer, the PF fears for a revolt after announcing the parliamentary candidate and have since started damage limitation in advance.

The adoption contest is between former MMD member of parliament who occasioned the by-election after defecting to the PF, Gabriel Namulambe and another, George Kapo.

Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili has already addressed party members in Mpongwe urging them to be united and not treat Namulambe as a new comer.

Kambwili said the members to remain united regardless of who will be adopted to contest the seat.

He urged the party members to embrace whoever will be adopted and to respect the decision of the party leaders.

“As we are going to the elections, politics is about numbers. Whether it is Mr Gabriel Namulambe or Mr George Kapo, we should not treat them as outsiders. In politics, every time you are on the other side, you defend the norms and principles of that party. You may find that if it is Mr Namulambe, he may have said something about PF, those are bygones. Forget about the past,” Kambwili said.

“Mr Namulambe and Mr George Kapo should be treated as bonafide members of the PF. They must be treated exactly the way we look at each other because politics is about numbers. Never mind the differences we might have had in the past. These differences are like contour lines. They are imaginary.

“What keep us together is that all of us are Zambians. That is the most important thing and we should not look at ourselves based on tribal alignments. We should all look at ourselves as Zambians.”

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  1. Zambalika

    More popcorns.more confusions.that is wat they stand for the pf.

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