Sata Abandons Lubinda Case for AFCON

President Michael Sata has postponed the confirmation to expel foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda after opting to watch the AFCON 2013 opening ceremony in South Africa on Sunday.

PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba said they Central Committee that was scheduled to determine Lubinda’s fate tomorrow has since been pushed to Wednesday, January 23.

Kabimba said the party was expected to make a decision on Lubinda, suspended Eastern Province party chairman Lucas Phiri and six others.

He said the cancellation of the meeting is due to the fact that the committee chairman, President Sata who is out of the country.

Lubinda is charged with leaking confidential information to the opposition and the press, an action that has been perceived as Kabimba’s scheme to remove potential contenders for the party presidency as they prepare President Sata’s exit.


  1. Seed Inspector

    Typical of a corward

  2. Fyonse fyabo.

    This must be the first game in his life, give man a chance he will very soon be missing such things…

  3. CNP-4U

    fire him and we get the man!!viva!!!!!!!!!!

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