Withdraw Kabimba’s ZAWA Appointment – UPND

slyvia-masebo-zawa-zambia-reportsUPND has urged President Michael Sata to withdraw PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba from the new Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board.

But Tourism and Art minister Sylvia Masebo has defended the appointment of Kabimba, with whom she shares a compromising love relationship, arguing it is falling within the provisions of the law.

UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said it will not be easy for Tourism and Art minister Sylvia Masebo and the permanent secretary to supervise a senior minister such as Kabimba.

“We would like to urge President Sata to quickly consider dropping Wynter Kabimba from this ZAWA board. The reasons are simple. Number one, apart from him being PF secretary general and minister of justice, it is important to note that Mr Wynter Kabimba, according to the hierarchy is a very senior minister than Sylvia Masebo. So how can a senior minister belong to a board that will report to a junior minister?” he asked.

However, Masebo said the law allows her to appoint a representative from the Ministry of Justice, where Kabimba is a minister.

“Wynter is a secretary general of the party and he is the one that drives the manifesto of the PF. The act says that a representative from the ministry of justice can be considered for membership of the board and in this regard, Mr Kabimba is a minister of justice and so he can be said to be a representative of the Ministry of Justice. It is not about a position whether he is senior or not but for me it’s about what he can help this country in terms of wild life sector,” she said.


  1. Percy

    Is there no one else from the Ministry of Justice who cn b appointed to th Zawa board other than Kabimba? Why only him? Isnt he too busy to have time 4 Zawa aswell? I support P.F, bt this appointment, I dnt like it either. Plz reconsider..

  2. Rb

    Its very true, Wynter is too senior to report to Masebo. Ba PF just swallow the pride

  3. Fyonse fyabo.

    Keeping other people’s husbands close waaaa! Hammer the finished …… Until winter!

  4. CNP-4U

    free sex whenever they meet for borad meetings..lol..what criteria do they use to select board members for ZAWA..?

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