Farming Inputs Delay Disappoint Minister

cotton-farmers-zambia-reportsThe ministry of agriculture is disappointed with the farmers input distribution programme for this year’s season.

Agriculture deputy minister Nicholas Banda is not happy with companies engaged to distribute fertilizer during the 2012/1023 farming season.

He said Miombo investment and Omnia Fertilizer companies have not performed according to government expectations.

“We are expecting that the agriculture input should have been received by farmers by now. By now the farmers should have been applying these inputs. We will wait for them to meet their commitment to finish distribution by the 21st of this month,” he said.

The PF government has lamentably failed to manage the agriculture sector that has resulted in shortages of mealie meal, rising cost of basic agriculture commodities and their by-products, delayed payment of farmers that supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and late distribution of farming inputs.

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