Kabwata Residents Rally Lubinda

Given-Lubinda-greeted-by-supporters-pfResidents of Kabwata Constituency have vowed to follow foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda if he is expelled from the party.

The residents said they had come a long way with Lubinda and that they would not abandon him even if he is expelled from the PF. They expressed disappointment at the pending by-election and that they do not want to start voting again.

“We have come a long way with him and we will still vote for him even if he is expelled. They are just trying to force him out”

Some sympathizers have even created a Facebook page, ‘I’m with Given Lubinda’ which has become an overnight hit with over 2000 members.

The PF disciplinary committee has found Lubinda with a case to answer and are awaiting the Central Committee to endorse the decision of expelling him from the party.

Lubinda will learn his fate on Wednesday on charges he was treacherous and disloyal to the party.

It is alleged that Lubinda was leaking confidential information to online publications, the Daily Nation and opposition political parties.

PF insiders, however, are saying Lubinda’s expulsion is engineered by party secretary general Wynter Kabimba who views him as a potential threat for the party president.

Kabimba has wedged a war with anyone tipped to contest the PF top post when President Sata steps aside on medical grounds for the 2016 elections.


  1. Zambalika

    Lubinda we lov u indeed. Every one belongs to a polical party whethr a priest, church elder,pastor or civil servant. Go back 2 upnd and wl stl vote 4u.

  2. Chris

    I agree with Zambalika that the best destination for GL is UPND.

  3. CNP-4U

    we are with you all the way..come back to UPND..

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