Opposition Shuns Government Meeting In Luangwa

Nevers at MagistratesOpposition parties in Luangwa District are shunning developmental meetings, a development that has brought worry and concern on the District Administration.

According to ZANIS, Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba was yesterday shocked when he found that no one from the opposition parties invited to a meeting to discuss the way forward on the development of the District.

Mumba said it was sad that people in the opposition were shunning meetings that are aimed at bringing development to Luangwa a District that has lagged behind in development for a very long time.

He urged opposition party members to now forget about there political affiliations and concentrate on working together with the Government in power to better the lives of the people.

The District Commissioner said development does not choose which political party one belongs to but it is for all the people.

Mumba said time for politicking is long gone and will only come in 2016 when the country goes for elections but now was the time for working with Government to eradicate poverty amongst the communities.

And addressing PF District and Constituency leadership in the District yesterday, Mumba called for concerted efforts if government was to achieve in its programmes and policies of eradicating poverty.

He said it was only through teamwork that the Government can achieve in its programmes and policies which are aimed at serving the people including those in opposition.

The District Commissioner lamented that it was not that when one is in the opposition then they should oppose anything that the Government in power was doing as this can retard the very much desired development that the people of Zambia have been looking for.

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