PF Minister Defeated on 50+1 in Luapula

After being defeated at the Luapula constitution convention to reject the 50+1 clause, home affairs deputy minister Nixon Chilangwa has described the just ended convention as a letdown.

Chilangwa said the convention was hijacked by people with a hidden agenda who were not supposed to be delegates.

He said most participants did not know what 50+1 meant even though they voted for it.

But technical committee spokesperson Ernest Mwansa said the technical committee process is diverse and advised Chilangwa to accept defeat.

Another technical committee member chief Luchembe said the convention does not chose which member to attend the convention but only gives guidance at district, provincial and national level.

The Luapula convention has adopted the 50 percent plus 1 clause which has since angered the PF leadership in the province. Meanwhile Technical

Committee chairperson Justice Anel Silungwe is happy with the deliberation of the convention in Western Province after ending the meeting that lasted six days.

Judge Silungwe said it is self evident that the resolutions will go a long way in enhancing the supreme law of the land.


  1. stonecold

    Aweeee sure ba pf minister so ashamed you want to appease sata and protect your jobs shame that’s why Zambia can’t develop Sata won’t be there forever wake up don’t make a constitution for pf think beyond pf think a bout zambia well done luapula

  2. CNP-4U

    wow..we want 50+1 guys..don’t change goal posts now..

  3. Twaimwena.

    What’s good for the goose, is also good for the gander….what has changed!

  4. Zambalika

    Viva luapula viva upnd.what a lessen to this shameless ka pf narrow minded minister wo jst worries abot the present.what abt the future.

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