Residents Kill Car Thief In Matero

Matero residents have kiled a 35-year-old robber whk attempted to steal a car last night.

Confirming the incident, police spokesperson Elizabeth Kanjela said the man was killed during a mob justice act around 02:00 hours of January 20, 2013.

“The incident hapened around 02:00 hours on the night of January 20, 2013 at house number 5719 Chiti Mukulu road i Matero. The owner of the car was waken up by some noise and he later saw a man jump the wall fence while another man was in his car which was parked in the same yard. He immediately locked he car using a remote and called for help and when other resident came, they started beating the suspected thief,” She said.

Kanjela said the residents also attempted to burn the suspect alive who was later identified as Lucky Mwinga of Lilanda township.

“He pleaded with the people to call his uncle who later came and helped rescue him from the mob beating but because of the wounds and burns he sustainedhe died shortly after arriving at UTH where he was taken for treatment,” she said.

Kanjela said some car items including a sterio, subwoofer and amplifier all valued at about Kr6000 were stollen.

And Kanjela urged members of the public to avoid taking the law into their own hands but report such cases to the police.


  1. Twaimwena.

    One problem sorted out. Next!

  2. gray

    Is this Lucky Mwinga in your Jan 21 story different from Rickey Mwinga in your Jan 20 story. The stories are different but the victims have same last name, suffered the same fate in the same place! Hope they are not brothers. Hope police will find the killers and bring them to justice. The Mwingas’ crimes do not merit this kind of punishment.

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