State Constitution Roadmap, Fodep Tells Kabimba

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has challenged justice minister Wynter Kabimba to tell the nation the clear roadmap for the constitution making process.

FODEP executive director McDonald Chipenzi says it is still not enough just to assure the nation that the final draft constitution will be ready in June this year.

Chipenzi says what matters most is for the government to clearly state where the final draft constitution will be submitted to.

He says it should be clearly stated whether the final draft will be submitted to President Michael Sata or the referendum commission.

Chipenzi says unless there will be a clear explaiantion from government; the citizens of the country should not be blamed for speculating over the process.

Source: Qfm


  1. Twaimwena.

    From what is happening the final draft will go to the President….

  2. Zambalika

    T appears shameless pf monistors are just after pleasinp their sickling ka president. They dnt ve the heart fo al zambians. Fjt is beter wo sold zambian companies to send zambian adults into street together with the same sicking ka hell sata.

  3. stonecold

    it will be presented to the president no doubt.the constitution is going nowhere its same old story its a. Waste of money.mungomba draft was done which represents the peoples aspiration is in our shelves.just take the same draft for referendum. How maany tims are w going to o this costly venture?mwanawasa MHSRIIP failed to give us one he wanted to do his own way NCC it failed.had he done what pipo wanted this would not be there.pf must do justice but I know they won’t everybody knows kabimba”arrogance

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