Wynter Defends ZAWA Appointment

Patriotic Front secretary general Wynter Kabimba has clarified that his appointment to the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) board is for representation of the Ministry of Justice.

Kabimba, who is not the only lawyer in the Ministry of Justice, says the appointment is not in his personal capacity but that the position is for any representative from the ministry as required by the law.

He says this in effect means that other than the Minister, any personnel, such as the Attorney General, Permanent Secretary, and many others from the ministry, can sit on the board to represent the Ministry of Justice depending on the issues under deliberation, as well as the level of expertise and input needed at any given time.

Kabimba says it will be worthwhile for all Zambians to rally behind the efforts being made by the Minister of Tourism Sylvia Masebo to address the many challenges at ZAWA, which are as a result of previous mismanagement.

The Minister of Justice is therefore pleased that his Ministry will render its much needed expertise in finding solutions to the problems at ZAWA by collaborating with the line ministry and at board level.

Kabimba says in a statement made available to Qfm news by PF Media and Publicity Director Chanda Mfula.

Among the stakeholders who have criticized Kabimba’s appointment to the ZAWA board are the Young African Leaders Initiative which has appealed to President Sata to reverse the decision of Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo to appoint Mr. Kabimba as a member of the ZAWA board.

They have contended that the decision shows the highest degree of political patronage in the decision-making process.

But speaking during the announcement of the board, Masebo said Kabimba had been included to the board in order to influence the PF vision in ZAWA as he is a lawyer in wildlife policy and law.

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  1. stonecold

    Political patronage is what masebo and kabimba are so pre occupied with. How many boards is kabimba sitting on?you mean no other people within ministry of justice can sit on that table.very selfish persons learn to share.its like kabimba is the main thing one?kabimba is overshadowing the old members am told they are bitter

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