Minister Justifies Violence on Health Workers

MulengaHealth deputy minister Christopher Mulenga has said some health workers were being beaten by patients because of their arrogance.

Mulenga, however, has expressed concern at the trend of beating of health personnel on duty.

He is worried at the increasing conflict between health officials and patients. Mulenga however said some health workers contribute to the beatings because they are arrogant.

“It is sad that in our institutions such as health facilities at Levy Mwanawasa, UTH and even other clinics in Lusaka and outside Lusaka, this conflict is growing.

“Now, there are a lot of problems or reasons as to why this is going on. As you may be as aware, as a ministry, we are challenged with issues of personnel. We do not have enough personnel to carter for our patients,” he said.

A nurse was last week beaten at UTH by a relative to a patient while another one was beaten at Levy Mwanawasa hospital by two men including a police officer.


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    i agree with you sir..they are silly nurses who would make you lose your temper!

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