MMD Cadres Harass Kachingwe, Namugala

MMD cadres harassed former national secretary Major Richard Kachingwe and suspended national women’s chairperson Catherine Namugala at the launch of their parallel party secretariat for the party.

The cadres threw empty bottles and other objects at Maj Kachingwe and Namugala forcing them to run for their lives in some shelter.

Later, Major Kachingwe said a group calling itself ‘the real MMD’ was merely trying to reclaim the party from hijackers. He said the established secretariat will oversee operations of parallel structure.

But party president Dr Nevers Mumba’s spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda said Maj Kachingwe’s decision is unlawful.

Maj Kachingwe claimed that they had decided to form a parallel structure because of the misdirection by the leadership of party president Dr Mumba.

“We are still maintaining our positions, we are just taking away the party from the hijackers. We are just creating this secretariat for the real members of the MMD,” he said.

And Namugala said the parallel structure of the MMD will hold a convention to elect new leaders in the next 90 days.

“This party belongs to the people and we are not going to choose a president but we will have a convention in the next 90 days to choose leaders,” Namugala said.

However, Nakachinda said the decision by Maj Kachingwe was contrary to the rules that governs political parties.

“There are laws in this country which govern registered institutions. You can’t just wake up to go and try and do a coup d’état by removing an elected president without following any procedure whatsoever,” he said.


  1. Mwanakabwenga

    Such an action by the Major can be seen as nothing but a coup. Good it is happening to a party in opposition because this would have had serious effects. What we are witnessing are the unmasked versions of the MMD,the party which made a lot of Zambians jobless,people running mad,children stop school and many dying of depression.Ask my friends at Mansa batteries Spark compound for realities.This party has cruel members who can kill softly.

  2. CNP-4U

    these chaps have no money..it won’t go anywhere..

  3. Reak

    Major Kachingwe should know that those of us who know how he forged his way into MMD THROUGH a Branch Chairman in Libala are still alive not dead.If he continues to claim that President Nevers Mumba is a high jacker and a conman,we will be forced to spill the beans.The public will know how crooked Kachingwe is.Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.Be warned.

  4. dorothy

    if kachi and namugala are popular as they claim let them form their own political party run by pf and see who will vote for thez crooks

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