Mikalile Opts Out of Journalist’s Case

Magistrate's CourtLusaka senior resident magistrate Mwaka Mikalile has withdrawn from handling the case of former information minister Reverend Ronnie Shikapwasha and two others.

Rev Shikapwasha is charged with journalist Chanda Chimba III and former information permanent secretary Sam Phiri.

Magistrate Mikalie recused herself after defence lawyers raised issues that bordered on biased in the way she has been handling the matter.

The lawyers raised the issues in chambers that the magistrate is incapable of conducting a fair trial and urged her to step aside. The matter has since been transfered to chief resident magistrate Joshua Banda.

Rev Shikapwasha and Phiri are charged with abuse of authority of office while Chimba III is charged with unlawful printing and publication of a newspaper.

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  1. Rabid Dog

    Seeing her in court she surely was biased this Mikalile like she had instructions from you know who.

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