Minister Fumes over UTH Oxygen Machines

UTH-WardMinister Dr Joseph Katongo has threatened to cause the arrest of managers for the contractors who manage the oxygen plant at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

Dr Kasonde said it is unacceptable that a company contracted to supply oxygen, African Gases, is failing to perform its duty.

“It is my duty to cause them to be arrested for failing to supply oxygen,” he threatened.

He said government is planning for a new plant that will be managed by a new contractor and hoped that the new machine will arrive in the next few days.

Dr Kasonde has since summoned the management of African Gases to explain why the plant has broken down at the biggest referral hospital in Zambia.

But African Gases executive director identified as Mpungwe said their company only learnt of lack of the oxygen problme at UTH on Tuesday and that they would start rectifying the problem.

The lack of sufficient oxygen at the institution has resulted in the postponement of many appointments for surgical operations apart from emergence cases that are worked on using oxygen tanks.

UTH has continued to experience poor operations since the PF came to power with acute crisis emerged at every turn.

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  1. Reak

    Let Michael Sata visit the Pharmacy at UTH.Most essential drugs are not there including phenobarbital.

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