Chief Justice Receives Petition for Masebo Tribunal

Lombe ChibesakundaChief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda has confirmed receipt of a letter by former environment minister William Harrington calling for a tribunal to investigate allegations of abuse of authority of office against Tourism and Arts minister Sylvia Masebo.

Harrington wrote a letter calling for a tribunal and he has since confirmed receiving acknowledgement from the Chief Justice office.

He has argued that Masebo breached the Public Procurement Act when she cancelled hunting concession agreements that were awarded by ZAWA to various clients.

He has contended that Masebo should be investigated for abuse of office and breaching the ZAWA Act when she fired top management, a decision which should have been done by the board.

Harrington has since called on Zambians to prepare evidence against Masebo that should to be tendered when the tribunal is constituted.

He said this in line with President Sata’s pledge to fight against abuse of office and corruption in the country.

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