Minister, PF Councillor in Bitter Difference

Lusaka Central PF councilor MacBride Sekeleti and local government minister Emerine Kabanshi have sharply differed over the decision to allow PF cadres trade from the non-gazetted Donchi Kubeba Market near Kamwala trading centre.

Sekeleti has insisted that the people trading in the market should not be moved out until government finds a permanent alternative for them.

“I think people can trade there for now as we wait for instructions from the government. I know we are all Zambians and we eagerly want to do our business. For now, let Donchi Kubeba Market stand and allow people to trade there until government finds a solution where to take them,” he said.

But Kabanshi has said the market will remain illegal as long as government does not provide the services like toilets and other basic facilities.

“Now, the councilor is being irresponsible. We are trying to do something about these people trading there. So he shouldn’t take the law in his own hands but he should follow procedure and make sure that the things that he implements are coming from meetings that we have in the council. What he is doing is not his duty and he has no right to do that because the government has not provided any infrastructure there or any services like toilets and water. So he can’t say that is a legal market, it is not,” she said.

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  1. macbride sekeleti

    we be become more confortble in our offices and driving through the roads, the community is watching as the area conucillor knows the needs and wants of the people what we speaking is the reflection of the people.The best is to communcate each time if iwas the minister i will call each conucillor to know the challeges each councillor is face in there respectful ward.so that we talk the walk this what the poeple of zambia need.

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