Oxygen Shortage: 3 Patients Die at UTH

UTH-WardThe shortage of oxygen at the University Teaching Hospital (UH) has resulted in the death of three patients.

But government is trying to cover up the death by claiming that everything is back to normal.

UTH sources have confirmed that the deaths of three patients were due to surgical operations that could not be attended to after the oxygen shortage handicapped the activities of the theatre.

One of the deceased patients is a two-year-old baby that was transferred from Lewanika General Hospital in Mongu to UTH for a tumour operation.

The father to the baby, Nyambe Nyambe is disappointed with UTH for neglecting his child who has died because of shortage of oxygen at the hospital.

“They told me that we have no oxygen and cannot take the baby to the theatre. We have been here close to three weeks and the hospital has failed to handle a case that was referred here as an emergency that needed immediate attention,” Nyambe said.

But health minister Joseph Kasonde is claiming the situation is back to normal after meeting managers from African Gases, the company managing the oxygen plant.

“It was not a question of lack of oxygen but maintaining adequate supply,” he said.

UTH managing director Dr Lackson Kasonka has said operations are smooth as they are now using oxygen cylinders while the oxygen plant is undergoing repairs.

But UTH inside sources have confirmed the death of the baby and two others as result of lack of oxygen to conduct surgical operations.

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