TIZ Condemns Adoption of ‘Corrupt’ Namulambe

lunguTransparency International Zambia has condemned the PF for adopting Gabriel Namulambe as parliamentary candidate for Mpongwe by-elections despite facing corruption charges in court.

But PF acting secretary general Bridget Atanga says the party will not respond to corruption allegations raised by TIZ against Namulambe because the case is in the court of law.

TIZ executive director Goodwell Lungu says this behavior by the PF is sending a wrong signal to the fight against corruption.

He said it is wrong for characters like Namulambe to be given a chance to re-contest in a self inflicted by-election which will cause the loss of colossal sum of tax payer’s money.

Meanwhile, Atanga says Namulambe has not been found guilty by the courts of law and this makes him eligible to contest an election on the PF ticket.

And Namulambe says no one should hinder him from exercising his democratic right of belonging to a political party of his choice.

He says TIZ should not judge him because the constitution declares that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He said assumptions that he joined the PF to be protected from his corruption allegations are not fair.

One Response to “TIZ Condemns Adoption of ‘Corrupt’ Namulambe”

  1. Centre Back Of Democ

    These are the issues that should concern you Lungu and your TIZ. Here it is very apparent that Namulambe is in court yet PF have adpoted him to stand. I would like to submit to you Lungu that mere condemnataion does not move PF in any way. You should be able to tell Zambians what action you will take against PF e.g. you can challenge PF in court, or you can de-campaign Namulambe. But again you neither have the guts nor the integrity to to do this.

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