Lungu Withdraws Diplomatic Passports

The PF government is planning a crackdown on people that were given diplomatic passports under the MMD government and offer them to its cadres.

Home affairs minister Edgar Lungu has said government has decided to repossess diplomatic passports from former ministers, ambassadors, clergymen and other dignitaries.

“The diplomatic passports were issued by former president Chiluba and his successors without any form of hindrance. What has happened is that a lot of people have got these passports and they have been abused.

“So the government has said, let’s go back to the drawing board. What do the rules say and the rules are very clear on who is supposed t have a diplomatic passport. Therefore, I have been directed to ensure that all diplomatic passports held by those people are withdrawn,” he said.

Lungu said President Sata will only spare the people he deems fits and issue diplomatic passports to those that the President will regard honourable enough.

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