Bishop Mambo Responds to PF on Diplomatic Passports Threat

Nyampande Orphanage director Bishop John Mambo described as unfair the PF government’s decision to withdraw diplomatic passports from clergymen.

The PF government is planning a crackdown on people that were given diplomatic passports under the MMD government and offer them to its cadres.

But Bishop Mambo said government should just re-possess the passports instead of using the third term to incriminate the clergy.

“When Chiluba came in power in 1991, he was very strong and offered jobs to many clergy people but we declined. We declined because we were focused on our calling as clergymen and women. So the government should just repossess the passports instead of giving us those reasons which are not true.

“Diplomatic passport or ordinary passports are state properties and the government can withdraw them when they want but they should not be telling reasons that are not true to justify their decision,” Bishop Mambo said.

Home affairs minister Edgar Lungu has said government has decided to repossess diplomatic passports from former ministers, ambassadors, clergymen and other dignitaries.

He said some of the clergymen were given diplomatic passports after supporting a third term campaign.

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  1. CNP-4U

    let them get them..of what use are they going to be to PF..

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