Dismissal Shocks Police Commissioner Muntemba

MuntembaFired police commissioner Brenda Muntemba is reportedly shocked with the decision by President Michael Sata to sack her for attempting to uphold democratic principles.

Muntemba, in charge of operations, and police commissioner who is in charge of human resource Antoneil Mutentwa are opposed to the PF regime’s abuse of the police.

The duo is on record challenging Inspector General of Police Stellah Libongani as to why the opposition were being denied permission to hold rallies when there is no cause to do so and that the freedom to associate or assemble was a fundamental right they were entitled to enjoy.

Opposition UPND have been denied 11 times until police succumbed to pressure to allow the Kabwata rally in Lusaka today.

Muntemba and Mutentwa, according to senior police sources, are believed to be advocates of professionalism and were oppositing the excessive political interference in the police service. This was reported to President Sata and, without hesitation, the duo were fired.

Muntemba, a devote Christian, is said to be seeking strength in her belief for God’s strength and help but was unable to understand what had initially struck her a few days after she was honoured by Libongani¬†for creating visibility of the Zambia Police Service when she was spokesperson for the institution.

President Sata has gagged his home affair minister Edgar Lungu from disclosing the reasons why he has fired Muntemba and Mutentwa.

Libongani also feared to comment on the matter and referred all questions on the issue to Lungu who remained mute saying the affected commissioners were appointed by the President.

He said it was only President Sata who could explain the premature firing of the two senior officers.


  1. Rabid Dog

    Prior to 2011 elections Brenda is one of the senior police officers taking information to Sata and the PF. So she now the snake has bitten her.

    • Hudwell Mwacalimba

      Muntemba was dropped from the police service by Rupiah Banda because of her connection to Levy Mwanawasa (whom Sata used to accuse of the Mwanawasa family tree type of administration). It seems Sata brought her back just to hoodwink others into believing he was an unbiased leader but whose ruthlessness with his ‘perceived enemies is unprecedent and makes some of us who ‘voted for change wonder whether this is really the change we voted for. Even the thought of Sata going to attend the opening game of CAF after locked up his ‘political enemies back home was unconscionable to say the least, to say the least . Sata advice to chipolopolo boys to focus on the football competition and not to go after South African women was degrading. These ‘boys’ are responsible men with families They did not deserve such uncouth ‘presidential tongue lashing’. Could such unpalatable language have had an effect on the ‘miserable’ performance of the insulted boys leading to their dismal and premature elimination from CAF competition and humiliation? I wonder!!

  2. Iyeee...

    Thou shall not fear to stand for the truth Brenda even if it means you being stripped of gold bestowed on you by a tyrannical king.God will lift you to even bigger heights.I see you becoming IG one day for all us Zambians who are against all these injustices will remember you to be a professional police officer.As for now join your wonderful husband in preaching the word of God.Do not despair ,kakabalika for sure!

  3. CNP-4U

    don’t worry Brenda..your time will come..your being professional will reward you!!

  4. NAREP

    the lord shall see you through Ms Muntemba…

  5. Mubanga

    Brenda, this may be a very difficult time for you. But you and Mutentwa are rare police officers because you stand for professionalism. It may be mind torturing envisioning what is happening but no matter how long it may take, one day, your efforts won’t go in vain! We are watching and praying!

  6. Twaimwena.

    The world, Zambia in particular is watching….Brenda where would you like to be when the names are called out! With the sheep or with the goats? Zambia is busy preparing the LIST….BUSHE UKABAKWI?

  7. Mphangwe

    All the right thinkiing Zambia are shocked and devastated at the unprincipled sacking of Commissioners of Police Muntemba and Mutentwa.

    This is a clear case of ethnic cleasing where the guns have turned on non-Bemba Public Officers and Civil Servants.

    Advice to the dual of Dr. Chituwo, Dr. Patrick Chikusu in Central Province, the trio of Lucas Phiri, Lameck Mangani, and Msanzala MP (Lungu).is that some faint-hearted politicians must appreciate the dynamics of Sata & Guy Scott who owned PF to put more money in their pockets.
    The rest of the country is watching the desttruction of govt administrative structures with great shock.

    The evelopment of this country ceased in November 2011. One has just to drive along the stretch of Twin Palm Road and on the outskirts of Kabwe towards Kapiri to note that the housing complexes for the Military personnel was conceived and realised by Governmenst of Mwanawasa and RB. This time all forms of development have come to a sudden halt.
    Incidentally the American and British Govts helped to implement events that have killed the peace that Zambia has enjoyed since independence.

    We pray that God cares for the plight of the Zambians.

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