Zesco Plunges Copperbelt in Darkness

Zesco has plunged many households in darkness on the Copperbelt Province after the electrical pre-payment system collapsed.

The residents, who run out of power two days ago, were agitated at missing the Africa Cup of Nations game between Zambia and Nigeria.

Most of the Zesco customers are only hanging on to the hope that the system will be rectified in good time for them to follow the proceeding of the tournament.

The residents have kept forming queues from as early as 06:00 hours stretching long distances to have the possibility of buying power when the situation normalizes.

The prepayment system which was installed by the Zambia electrometer limited is now additional nightmare that had added to the frustration of electricity consumers in addition to the frequent load shedding.

However, Zesco regional manager Thomas Daka is confident that the problem will soon be rectified by a company that installed the prepayment payment system

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