Andeleki Attempted to De-register FODEP for K100, 000

clement-andeleki-zambia-reportsFormer Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki wanted to de-register FODEP over a K100,000 annual return fee for the year 2012.

FODEP executive director MacDonald Chipenzi has said his organization had initially gone to pay for the annual subscription but that Andeleki refused to accept until they resolved their internal leadership wrangles they had.

Chipenzi said FODEP has since responded to a letter from the Registrar of Societies office in which they claimed that his organization was operating outside their objective.

He said in their response, they have attached the audit for their books of account, the annual returns for 2012, list of office bearers and a response to the issues that were raised during a meeting with Andeleki.

“If it is an issue of annual returns, the money involved is for 2012 which he (Andeleki) refused to accept until the issue (of internal leadership wrangles) is resolved and its only K100,000. That is the fee that they wanted to use to deregister FODEP,” he said.

“Under any normal circumstance, you can’t deregister an organization over a K100,000 and yet there are organisations which we know are supporting the current government who have not submitted any annual returns.”

Chipenzi said political party cadres were a danger to the democracy of any country.

“Let’s not look for faults even where there are no faults. Not only that, lets avoid putting cadres in public service because they tend to be more partisan. Those cadres that you would want to place in these offices, let them behave like public servants and view issues the way they are whether it is from a political party or organization which support or do not support the government.

“We need to be treated like Zambians because we are all one. Because if they start working for the political party they support, to find fault in others is not good.”


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    Is that 100,000 in the rebased currency or not?

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