CAF Expels Egyptian Ref for Fake Zambia Penalty

The Egyptian match official who refereed Nigeria’s Group C game against Zambia last Friday at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit, Gehad Grisha will take no further part at the 2013 Afcon in South Africa.

Grisha awarded a highly controversial penalty to Zambia late on in the game leading to an angry reaction from the Nigerian camp.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) subsequently dispatched a strongly-warded protest to the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

CAF has ostensibly ruled in favour of the NFF and Grisha has been sent home from the Afcon.

An official of CAF confirmed the news on Sunday.

“He (Grsha) has been sent home. He will have no further action at this Nations Cup. His decisions did not tally with best practices of the refereeing profession and we would not allow anyone to start re-writing the rules of the game here,” said the official.

Nigeria needs a win on Tuesday in Rustenburg against Ethiopia to confirm its place in the quarter finals of the Afcon.

Source: Supersport


  1. Patson

    African Officials are very disappointing,the Egyptian ref was right to blow for a penalty and he should have even sent off that nigerian player who kept holding the Zambian premiership profession player.Ayotu must start watching Manchester United and probably start lesson with the sir to realise that the Egyptian ref is very qualified.Do not listen to the dreamer mamadou who the southafrican are following with keen interest.Zambia is the only country in the southern hemisphere who conquered africa on foreign soil with young players and high profile players like Yaya and Drogba confessed to that with only Lukas Radebe sounding reasonable from the whole entire Southafrica.Like it or not the zambian players are talented and are not using money as some countries are.No wonder they influenced the sending of a humble,intelligent Egyptian Ref.Where in the world have u ever held of such decision.Africa come on,lets be civilised,we ar now not surrounded by forest like in nigeria but we are a global village.Egypt has won more tournament in africa than any other nation.Lets not insult Egypt today.

  2. chuma

    When Nigeria was awarded a penalty it was okay, but Zambia wrong. We a all Africans big or small. We will divide in future who cares southern and central African tournament. Who cares.The Commentators so horrible always talking bad about us Zambia, Lets show love towards one another. Caf needs deliverance at least visit the SCoan. wE A HAPPY NATION

  3. joe

    caf refs do makes silly mistakes that is why fifa always over look them in fifa competitions.maybe he was thinking of his god father (mubarak )who is in jail

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